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  • May 18, 2019


Exchange Propellers

MT-PROPELLER USA, Inc. will EXCHANGE your existing MT-Propeller, for a

  • zero timed,
  • fully overhauled assembly,
  • with new blade leading edges,
  • statically balanced,
  • and ready for installation on your aircraft.

To assure proper static balance, we will ask you to:
Remove the propeller AND the rear and forward spinner bulkheads
and ship both bulkheads "overnight" to MT-Propeller USA, Inc..
Your spinner bulkheads will then be installed on your EXCHANGE propeller, and the assembly statically balanced.

MT-Propeller will ship your EXCHANGE propeller to you in a wooden crate.
Following the installation of your EXCHANGE propeller,
simply place the removed propeller in the original crate and return it to MT-Propeller USA, Inc.

To begin this EXCHANGE, contact MT-Propeller USA, Inc. with the

  • Aircraft Model,
  • Engine Model and Horse Power
  • Propeller Model
  • and Serial Number of the propeller, which you want to EXCHANGE.

We will prepare a quote including all shipping costs.

MT-Propeller USA, Inc.
Phone (386) 736-7762
Fax (386) 736-7696 or
e-mail: info@mt-propellerusa.com

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