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  • March, 2021
STC Cessna 441
  • Cessna 441 with 5-blade MTV-27
  • Cessna 441 with 5-blade MTV-27

STC - Data

  • Type of Aircraft: C 441

  • EASA: 10070901 (issued September 05, 2019)
  • FAA: SA04460NY (issued March 08, 2021)

  • Applicable Aircraft: Cessna 441
  • Engines: Honeywell, USA; TPE-331-8 series or any
    TPE-331-( ) installed per approved STCs which do
    not exceed 635.5 SHP and 2000 rpm.
  • Propeller: MTV-27-1-E-C-F-R(G)/CFR224-55( )

  • Advantages:
  • Best vibration damping characteristics for almost vibration free propeller operations!
  • Bonded on wide chord nickel alloy leading edges for superior erosion protection of the blades!
  • Smaller diameter of up to 4 inch compared to the original propeller, this means more ground clearance of about 2 inch for less FOD and also more clearance to the fuselage, therefore less cabin noise from the prop tips!
  • Take-Off improvement up to 4%, so compared to the original AFM a higher safety for the calculated take-off run!
  • No propeller ADs!
  • TBO 4000 hours or 6 years, whatever comes first, for low maintenance costs!
  • No intermediate inspections are needed between the TBO which requires the propeller removal!
  • Reduced cost for spare parts, like blades and lower overhaul costs, for the complete propeller assembly!
  • No rpm restriction for the complete operational range!
  • The long time proven MT-Propeller natural composite blades provide significant inside and outside noise reduction!
  • No life limitation and repairable in case of an FOD.
  • Comply with the strict German noise regulations 2010 - „Landeplatz Lärmschutz Verordnung“ for unrestricted airport operations in Germany and other European Countries!

more information about the STC (.pdf 75k)