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  • July 2020, 2020
STC Aviat Husky A-1()
  • Aviat Husky A-1 with 2-blade MTV-15
  • Aviat Husky A-1 with 2-blade MTV-15

STC - Data

  • Type of Aircraft: Husky A-1()

  • FAA STC: SA02870CH (issued Nov. 2010
    by Flight Resource LLC Phone: 866-717-1117)

  • Applicable Aircraft: Husky Model A1, A1A, A1B, A1C-180, A1C-200
  • Engines: Lycoming (I)O-360-()
  • Propeller: MTV-15-B-C-RM/CR-210-58, MTV-15-B/(205-210)-58, MTV-15-B/203-52 and MTV-15-B-C-R-M/CR-203-52

For further information please contact Flight Resource LLC